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Ushiro Karate Second European Seminar

Ushiro sensei taught a Karate seminar in Bremen, Germany on June,25th and 26 of 2016. Participants were not only from Germany but Italy, Poland, Denmark and the US. They were mainly teachers and senior students from full contact karate.

Here are some photos taken at the seminar.

A throw with Ki does not hurt the opponent even when it is done on a stone pavementUshiro Ki style Zuisenken


Feedback from the participants.


K.P  Poland First time at a seminar with Ushiro Sensei. 25 years of Karate experience It was a shocking experience. Ushiro Sensei was the first teacher who taught me the meaning of Kata and Karate. Our Karate was too sports focused and had forgotten the meaning of Kata. I have been looking for someone who could teach me the meaning of Kata the entire time. Ushiro Sensei shows that age does not matter and that you can keep practicing regardless of age. He's strong, perfect and keep evolving. Ushiro Sensei said that avoiding the fight is to protect. Sensei's Karate can be applied outside of the dojo. I have learned that by learning the correct Karate, you can apply Karate to life and grow as a person. P.Z  Poland Karate teacher from full contact style 31 years of Karate experience, Second time at the seminar I would love to invite Sensei to Poland and have him meet the other Karateka in Poland. This is because Sensei's Karate is really perfect and completely different from the Karate that we have been doing. Sensei is a unique person who can explain, show and apply theory. When I began Karate in my youth, I read lots of books by masters but most of them were just theory and not application. Ushiro Sensei's teaching is totally different from these people. First of all it is open and friendly. And he can tell right away what the other person is mistaking or lacking and teach that. I believe that progress in Karate will not be only applied at the dojo but in my life, work and family. M.Z  Poland Karate teacher from full contact style. 30 years of Karate experience, Second time at the seminar There have been various changes since my previous seminar from last year. First I have stopped the sports Karate and weightlifting. Now I practice focusing on Sanchin and Naifanchin When I was weightlifting and running, I didn't have peace of mind or harmony. Since Sensei's seminar, I feel that my character has changed. I have more courage, confidence and softness. I feel more natural. That is how I feel the daily changes. P.L  Poland Full contact Karate. First time at the seminar I have been taught the meaning of Kata and Bunkai for the first time. I used to think that you lose your physical strength as you age, but Ushiro Sensei showed me the opposite. E.A  Italy 35 years of Karate experience, Second time at the seminar Sensei’s teachings will guide us to the right path and mind.and will be left behind as secret teachings for the younger generation. Berlin, Germany Second time at the seminar None of the teachers that I had met before knew the meaning of Kata. I have learned the meaning of Sanchin Kata for the first time at this seminar. I have also learned that the fact that you can use it as a means to protect yourself and let the other live instead of killing. Seminar host Yoshihiko Nakahata Ushiro Sensei is the very top martial artist of the world. I was able to learn his teachings as a martial artist and person closely over these 2 days. This was a great experience. I, as well as other participants, were all astonished by Ushiro Sensei's techniques and its speed that felt like something from another dimension. I was also moved by the possibility of human beings that Sensei showed us. This will become our guideline from now on and also our big motivation. Both as martial artist and person, Ushiro Sensei is very strict toward himself. At the same time he cares a lot about his students and others. He is always trying to teach us and that is where I felt his love and passion.

Party with the seminar participants

June 24th-25th at Berlin, Germany


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