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Nowadays, Japan is loosing its way more and more, such as the current politics, the unchanging situation of Fukushima power plant and so on. Once globally known to be sincere and thoughtful, serious and diligent, these qualities and human power that Japanese people proudly had are rapidly deteriorating.


How can we regain these human power? Simply agreeing or disagreeing to various issues will not change anything. The important thing is to change for good. The practice of "Making the change".


While I have been deeply committed in the martial arts world of both Karatedo and Iaido, I have been deeply committed in the business world as well. Within the area of electronics as engineer, I have been involved in the development of video, mobile phones, iridium satellite mobile phones, power supplies of industrial equipment and so on. Also, as the top of company, I kept the cutting edge of these technologies by developing IC at the Silicon Valley in the US.

As I went through these experiences of no compromise from both martial arts and business, my concept of time started to change drastically. I started to become able to control the time, the flow of the air, harmonize with space time and gravity, entering to the opponent and make them stuck, neutralize them and so on. And through these practice, I started to see the law that enables people to develop their potential that everybody has within. 


The "Ki" guidance shown at Ushiro Jissenjuku, Ushiro Dojuku and open lecture are born from these experiences of no compromise within both martial arts and real world. The "Ki" demonstration and verification of enabling the impossible becoming possible make people who experience them realize on their potential and the fact that people are born perfect. Lots of people who went through these "Ki" experience and verification start to have a completely new idea and view, and use this opportunity to change and evolve to a new self.


"Ki" is a big energy that will change you instantly, make you progress and grow, and will keep you energized throughout your life.


It is my hope that everybody realizes the essence of their human power, in other words their potential, and understand its strength to courageously walk a more happier life. For that, first you have to change. Once you change, your surrounding will change. This is the "One person revolution" that I am driving. 

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