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SANCHIN Vol.1 Ushiro Karate (DVD)

"The impulse of the heart-mind alone creates form and technique." Kenji Ushiro's Sanchin Kata develops your breathing, helps you to take in Ki into your body and mind, and creates a "unified-body." This video shows detailed footage of “Kata”-the secret to Bujutsu Karate that generates this energy, Ki, which is far more effective than muscle strength or sport-type timing.


This video consists of two parts: 1) the basic part including the demonstration of Sanchin Kata with detailed explanation about the Kata by Kenji Ushiro and the demonstration of Sanchin’s basic applications; and 2) the application part including free sparring applied from Sanchin Kata. 〈 Index 〉 Kenji Ushiro’s Profile Unchanging Truth, the Origin of Karate Demonstration and Explanation of Sanchin Kata Demonstration and Explanation of Basic Application Validation of Kata and Ki Applied application sparring; From Basic to Free Sparring Conclusion; The purpose of Sanchin Kata English Audio Only 85min. Price: US$ 65 / JPY 6300 Kenji Ushiro is a highly-renown martial artist. Born in 1949, Ushiro is the 8th dan and Hanshi of Shindo-ryu Karatedo, the 7th dan and Kyoshi at Iaido of the All-Japan Kendo Federation. He was Head of the Technological Research Institute of Yoshimura Electric Co.Ltd. and Managing Director in 1986. He became President of Kaga Components Co.Ltd. in 1997. In 2004, he founded his own school, UK Jissen Juku. After retiring from the corporate world, he devotes himself to teaching various people with different backgrounds, not only Karate but professional sports athletes, coaches, university and high school students, as well as business people. The age of the students varies from 5 to 78 and he teaches within and outside Japan by exercising his own evolutionary teaching method, Ki.

Issued on February 21, 2012


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