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Poland seminar 2024

Ushiro Sensei held his first seminar in Warsaw, Poland over the weekend of June 23rd and 24th, 2024.

In Poland, sub-branch chief Marcin Zylinski's Chelm Dojo and Mr. Andrzej Wolski's Mielec Dojo are in different cities. In order to make it easier for everyone to gather, the event was held in Warsaw. Beside the two Polish dojos, a total of 50 people participated from Germany, Italy, Hungary, the US, and Japan.

 Day 1:

The first day's practice began with Ushiro Sensei talking about the necessity of diplomacy between countries and the necessity of interaction between individuals, based on the current world situation, and moving from the competitive and relative world of sports to the absolute importance of harmony and fusion of the bujutsu world. Based on that, people practiced neutralization using kata and zero-enablement using Bunkai, followed by the talk about the necessity of taking the Sen and being pre-emptive.

Sensei’s session was simultaneously translated into Polish and English.
Sensei’s session was simultaneously translated into Polish and English.

With a total of 9 children including teenagers from both Polish dojos, the practice included things that the children could do that adults could not do, such as the children breaking up the adults' scrum from the sides and vertically. It was followed by Kihon, Ten no Kata, Bokken, Iai, and Sanchin.

Children easily push over the line of adults under the guidance of Sensei (video)

Kata practice as a group including children
Kata practice as a group including children
Children and parents. It was impressive to see parents in the hall watching their children with shining eyes as Sensei performed various demonstrations.

Children and parents. It was impressive to see parents in the hall watching their children with shining eyes as Sensei performed various demonstrations.

Day 2:

On the second day, Sanchin and Passai kata, as well as their Bunkai were practiced following the previous day's practice. Along the way, there were demonstrations of the children lying down on the table and using their ``thoughts'' to turn the desk or move it in a certain direction, explaining the potential power of energy and the importance of Kata as a method to enable it. The students were divided into groups per country and Ushiro Sensei visited each group.

The members of the local Polish sub-branch have progressed and grown in their daily lives since taking up Ushiro Karate in particular, so Sensei generously taught them real bujutsu techniques.

Sensei demonstrating to the Polish sub-branch
Sensei demonstrating to the Polish sub-branch
Tomasz from the Poland sub-branch says that his daily life has changed through Ushiro Karate.
Tomasz from the Poland sub-branch says that his daily life has changed through Ushiro Karate.
Under the guidance of Sensei, the atmosphere of Passai changes dramatically for a Polish boy.
Under the guidance of Sensei, the atmosphere of Passai changes dramatically for a Polish boy.

Members from overseas have few opportunities to receive guidance from Ushiro Sensei. During the seminar, Sensei repeatedly talked about how bujutsu karate does not exist as an extension of the sports karate that everyone had learned, and about the attitude of learning new things that cannot be understood with one's existing knowledge. He also talked about the importance of noticing and making them aware, as well as the great potential that children have and the responsibility of adults to guide them.

The children were repeatedly validated to gain confidence, and the adults were shown the difference between the energy of ordinary people and the energy of Ushiro Karate.

Sensei showcases bujutsu karate through kumite
Sensei showcases bujutsu karate through kumite


The dinner is also a valuable opportunity to learn from Ushiro Sensei. This time, thanks to the help of a Japanese Polish interpreter, the Polish group also had the opportunity to hear directly from Sensei. The dinner at Sensei's table was very lively.

Lunch with the European team.
Lunch with the European team.

Through the arrangement of the Polish sub-branch, there was the opportunity to visit the Chopin Museum the day before the seminar and listen to a recital by a professional pianist (the pianist,  Marcin Wieczorek, is at Sensei’s left).


Poland has a history of being divided and losing its country, a violent history of wars in Europe. “Despite this, I was moved by the strength of the Polish people and country, which has now recovered so well. At the same time, I also felt the significance of Ushiro karate.“ These were the words of Ushiro Sensei.

“Earth” attracts everything with its gravity. A "magnet" attracts iron with magnetic force. ``Humans'' attract people with their charm. The seminar allowed each participant to experience the meaning of these Ushiro Sensei's words during the weekend.

Group picture
Group picture


Participants’ comments:





There were times when I didn't know how to use my energy or my body, but I felt that Ushiro Sensei's energy was amazing. I was surprised that he was able to knock down an adult.

I didn't know I had that kind of power. Watching Sensei, I felt that anything is possible with the use of your body


I was surprised that I was able to defeat an adult. I couldn't believe that Ushiro Sensei was able to defeat an adult without actually touching him, even though he was far away.


I am 15 years old. It's fun, interesting, and I like it. I want to study as much as possible. I want to go back home having learned a lot of different techniques and patterns. I didn't know how to do arm wrestling at first, but I was surprised that I was able to do it after I tried it. In the future, I'm currently attending a technical school and I would like to work in a technical field. Through karate, I gained a calm mind and confidence, so I think it will be useful for my studies.


This is my second time participating. I participated for the first time in 2022. It was a great experience. I thought I knew a lot of things, but I was overwhelmed when I saw the vast amount of knowledge and skills that Sensei taught me, and I realized that I still have a long way to go, but I will continue to make efforts to deepen my understanding.

It was very interesting to feel the power within myself. I was happy to meet Ushiro Sensei and senior instructors such as Michael, Jens and Macin. I haven't decided what my future will be. I have many different plans, but I think Ushiro Karate has been very useful in my life, and it is still very useful to me right now. Ushiro Karate has given me more confidence than ever before.calm down moreI did. I think I've changed a lot myself.

Parents' impressions:



I have three children. I came today with my oldest daughter. I like it very much. It was interesting. I am happy that my children were able to participate in these seminars. I wanted to participate in seminars like this when I was a child, but I didn't have such opportunities in the past, so I decided to attend a seminar like this myself.

Unfortunately, I only have a daughter, but I am really happy that she is interested in participating in the lessons. I think it will be a big plus for her because she will be able to discipline herself and practice independently.


It's really amazing. I believe that what the children learned here will apply not only to karate, but also to their daily lives and families. Therefore, I would like to participate in more seminars and support children to develop their potential. I'm really satisfied.

Participants (adults):



First of all, I have received a lot of inspiration. I feel that the principles and actions Sensei explained are in accordance with the laws of nature. I don't think there are many people with as much knowledge and experience as him, who can not only explain the laws of nature so accurately, but also teach by actually demonstrating them.

In my country, when we talk about karate, we tend to think of it as sports karate. Therefore, by attending Ushiro Sensei's seminar, I was able to experience real karate, or rather, a different type of karate, which I thought was a very valuable experience. Up until now, it has been said in my country that anyone can start karate, regardless of physical strength or age. However, once you actually start, you will soon feel the limits of your physical strength. Therefore, in my country, there is a slightly incorrect understanding of karate.

Ushiro Sensei's karate is truly something that anyone can do, regardless of age or physical strength, and what's even more important is that by doing Ushiro Sensei's karate, you can improve your own health.

To summarize, this seminar was very valuable and unique to Poland, and all I can say about Ushiro Sensei is that he is truly a wonderful person. After meeting him, my approach to life changed. Thank you very much.


I am very grateful that I was able to gain valuable knowledge from Ushiro Sensei through the seminar. In particular, I think my future challenge will be how to apply what he has taught me to my own skills.

What I especially like about Sensei's seminars is that he teaches in a practical manner, and while he is serious, he also has some very funny elements, so I have a lot of fun practicing.

Gradually, the way I use my body has changed and I no longer use my muscles. The more I practice Sanchin, the more I feel it. Having been doing sports karate for a long time, I feel that I have some bad habits. I've been doing sports karate for 35 years. I had no idea that you could practice without using force. I know that I can develop even at my current age (the future is bright). When you do sports karate, you just fall, so it's completely different.


I have participated several times, and each time I participate, I get more and more impressed. In addition to practicing at seminars, I also listen to various stories during breakfast and dinner, which is also a great learning experience. I think it was really valuable to be held in Poland this time, and to be able to hear his story closer to home than ever before. I feel a change in myself not only in my daily karate practice, but also in my daily life, and I'm really happy that Sensei noticed this.

A friend of mine once told me that I wasn't very friendly and that I was a bit of a pushover, but now I feel like I'm a lot friendlier myself.

The great thing about Ushiro Karate is that the more you practice, the more you understand its depth, and the more you realize what's missing, so it's truly endless. I want to do my best. He has taught me a lot so far, but from what I've heard, what he has taught me so far is only a little bit, so I'm really looking forward to seeing how much more there will be in the future.

Also, Sensei seemed to have enjoyed Poland, so I am very happy about that. I hope to see him again in Budapest, Hungary.


My name is Ela and I run the dojo in Mierec. I look forward to attending this seminar every time, and I try my best to learn as much as possible. I only get positive impressions every time, but I am especially impressed with the techniques and approaches that Sensei shows me every time. After each seminar, I was impressed by Sensei’s technique and approach, and it remained with me long after the seminar. By seeing him up close, I hope to remember as much as I can about the depth of his experience.


The only word I can truly say is "amazing". I'm learning new things every time. After the seminar, I would like to go back to my hometown and share what I learned this time with the students in my dojo.

I came here thinking that I had done a good job of Bunkai so far, but when I learned about it, I realized that there was still a lot to be done. I think that alone is worth coming. I would like to continue practicing while paying close attention to the details.

Passai has been working fine until now, but if you think about the details, there are still a lot of things that need to be fixed, so I would like to continue fixing them while concentrating on the details.

I would like to go back to my hometown and tell my students what I learned as soon as possible before they forget it.

Marcin Zylinski (Poland Sub-Branch Chief)

I am very honored to be able to invite Sensei to Poland this time. This is a special opportunity for us, but we also feel a strong sense of responsibility.

On the first day, many children participated, and although much of the content was aimed at children, the adult participants also learned a great deal. What was especially important was that children have potential that disappears as they grow up. It was a great learning experience for me to learn that we must not lose that potential even when we become adults.

As for how to use Ki, Sensei actually showcased it yesterday and today, but I thought the content was a little difficult for the Polish group, but I hope to improve it in the future. I would like to aim for the same level and learn how to use my energy.

Sensei's approach is to teach each person from a different perspective, so even though the whole group is practicing, each person can take home something that will be of benefit to them. Overall, the most important thing is that you can develop yourself more through the seminars, and it's not just physical exercises like this, but just listening to the lectures will help you develop yourself, so you can meet Sensei every time. I cherish opportunities.

I was especially satisfied with the seminar for children on the first day. Not only the children but also their parents were watching. Not only were the children and participants surprised, but the parents were also quite positively surprised. I hope that there will be more active participation in the future. The children are excited about when the next seminar will be.

●Emmanuele Argentino (Italy Sub-Branch Chief)

First of all, I would like to thank Marcin and his team for organizing the seminar, which was an opportunity to learn directly from Ushiro Sensei. In this seminar there was one thing that really impressed me. It means that my body was already feeling it before Sensei explained it to me.

It's hard to explain in words, but it felt like my body learned more than what I saw or heard. Unlike before, my body seems to have absorbed more of Ushiro Sensei's sensations and explanations. In fact, words almost distract from this feeling, as if there is nothing else to add.

Furthermore, during practice, especially during the kumite session with Sensei, I felt like time was expanding. My strikes slowed down and I felt like Ushiro Sensei was always in my time and that he could always anticipate my strikes. I really appreciate all the technical guidance from Sensei. I will cherish what I have learned and practice every day until I can make progress. At the same time, we always remember that progress never ends.

Thank you, Ushiro Sensei.

●Michael Koethe (German branch manager)

It was a wonderful seminar that showed how profound Ushiro Karate is.

What struck me most was the practice of ``thoughts create reality,'' in which a boy lying on a table uses the power and energy of his thoughts to move those who lift him up.

It was great to see children and teenagers easily master techniques that are difficult for adults. For me, this seminar brought about self-reflection and humility. I appreciate it very much.

●Josh Drackman (Seattle Branch Manager)

It was a great seminar.

It was a great honor and an incredible learning experience for me to spend so much time feeling and experiencing Ushiro Sensei firsthand. Even after it's over, I feel that it has left a strong impact on my body. I would also like to thank the senior students from Japan who gave me various guidance on Kata and Bunkai. Also a lot of things I learned.

I was impressed by the great enthusiasm with which all the European participants  in the seminar. I learned a lot from the time I spent with Sensei, and I was filled with the desire to improve.

I think this seminar was a very good step towards spreading Ushiro Karate internationally.

I would like to thank Ushiro Sensei and everyone who made this seminar possible.

●Ferenc Fris (Hungary Sub-Branch Chief)

I attended a very special seminar where I learned many new things and gained a deeper understanding in many areas. Especially interesting was the Saturday day, when Sensei did a lot of practical exercises with Polish children. They quickly mastered what Ushiro Sensei demonstrated and we adults practiced this soft and natural movement over and over again.

During the Bokken exercises, I discovered new subtleties in my own movement that I will incorporate into my future practice. The explanation of the connection between form exercises and bokken exercises was very useful for me, I tried to apply as many corrections as possible immediately.

On the second day, Sunday, we transferred what we had learned the previous day from the children's pure movement into the pair exercises. I discovered unnecessary movements in several areas that I will work to correct.

When I attended Asako Shihan's seminar in Seattle, USA in the spring, honing the base exercises and combing through the details and Bunkai of all the form exercises one by one really helped me. Now in Warsaw, the extra touches Sensei gave me helped me to make the connections when he challenged me to demonstrate in pairs.

I thank you on behalf of my team and we are excitedly preparing for the seminar in Budapest in October, which we are organizing with great vigor.


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