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Practical Philosophy of Bujutsu Ushiro Karate

"Ushiro Karate" by Kenji Ushiro is now available in English! "Ushiro Karate", the definitive book that realizes the essence of Bujutsu of winning without fighting, is now available in English.

Practical Philosophy of Bujutsu

Ushiro Karate

Win without fighting - the definitive version of Ushiro Karate that realizes the essence of Bujutsu!

  This book is a compilation of three of Kenji Ushiro's karate books, "The Origin of Budo” (in 2000), "The Knowledge and Practice of Bujutsu Karate” (in 2001), and "The Way to Bujutsu Karate” (in 2003). And it is the definitive version of “Ushiro Karate”with new and detailed additions and corrections.

  The essence of Bujutsu Karate, beyond styles and schools, is explained based on actual practice. What is the true meaning of Bujutsu? What is the meaning of Kata? What is the meaning of Bunkai-kumite? What is Body-Brain? What is Breathing Power? What is Neutralization? Who is a master? What is training? The book is a must-read for all practitioners of Bujutsu, not just karate practitioners.

  In addition, this book contains a "practical philosophy" of life that leads to how we should be in our daily lives, how we should be as people, how we should be as leaders, and ultimately, how we should live based on Mr. Ushiro's wide range of experiences and perspectives as a corporate leader and a leading-edge engineer in the field of electronics. This is the starting point for the teaching of "Ki" that Mr. Ushiro is currently deploying to bring out the potential of human beings.

  This book is not a ‘how-to’ book as we have seen in recent years. This is because there is no how-to in Bujutsu. However, for those who are serious about pursuing the path of Bujutsu, I am certain that this book will lead them to the true way of training. Furthermore, for those who are searching for a way to live in this difficult time, I am confident that this book will be a guide to living an unwavering life.


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