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Report from the training weekend Poland 09.+10.10.2021

On invitation of Sensei Andrzej (organizer) and Marcin (Sub Branch Chief of Ushirokarate Poland) we met on the weekend of 09.+10.October 2021 in Mielec for a common training weekend with participants from Poland, Germany and the Sub Branch Chief from Hungary Ferenc. There were many newcomers from other styles, as well as many already familiar faces among the participants. We were very warmly welcomed and there was always a friendly, human warm atmosphere.

The training started on Saturday at 10:00am in a beautiful, large and bright gym. Kihon, Kata and Bunkai Kumite were trained. We trained Sanchin and Naifanchin Kata with the corresponding Kihon Bunkai applications in constant alternation. After kata, a bunkai technique was explained and practiced, then kata again, etc. Good progress could be noticed in beginners as well as in advanced students. The quickly prevailing positive energy was converted by all participants into appropriate training diligence. It is to be noted that many participants will deal more with Ushiro Karatedo (Bujutsu) in the connection, also a change of their style direction is not to be excluded. It is nice to observe how the individuals tried to focus on the harmony of body and mind to achieve a unified body. A nice Sayonara party on Saturday ended the day.

Sunday Passai Kata and associated Bunkai was practiced in the same manner as the previous day. The day ended with a bokken training of almost 1 hour.

I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart all the people involved in the organization of the training weekend.

The subsequent invitation of Sensei Tomasz to his dojo to introduce Ushiro Karate to his students was the beautiful conclusion of this weekend.

We all miss Sensei Ushiro very much and hope to welcome him back to Europe soon to dive further into the depths of Bujutsu.

Michael Koethe

Ushiro Karate Branch Chief Europe 


A.W The two days of the seminar were spent on intensive studying of Ushiro Karate in an excellent atmosphere of developing the abilities of body and the consciousness of mind. For many, that seminar was a great development of skills and knowledge of Ushiro Karate. However for those who witnessed real karate for the first time, the seminar showed them that Ushiro Karate with its methods of body softness and unity, is a true treasure trove of real techniques of defense and danger elimination, incorporated in the traditional kata.

We would like to thank every participant for taking a part in the seminar, for the friendly atmosphere and for sharing both the knowledge and excellent sense of humour.

We would also like to thank to Michael Koethe, Sensei Jens Akerman andSensei Marcin Żyliński for passing skills in a friendly atmosphere and for showing the role of Ushiro Karate in not only training kata and bunkai, but also in everyday life and shaping our lives.

Thank you very much!



I enjoy encountering new martial art styles and discovering for myself their unique focus on different aspects of self-development. The seminar introduced me to the inner style and showed a softer path to self-development goals of karate, which is equally valid and perhaps more enticing for more advanced and mature practitioners.



It is so amazing to have first-hand experience of Bunkai Ushiro Karate. Thanks for all the advice from every sensei. Especially for those which I have experienced.

I will never forget the fun time we had together.



In my opinion, the seminar was excellent. And despite that this was not my first seminar I’ve been to, I’ve learned a lot and I’ve corrected many of my mistakes.

One of the best things was that trainers were approaching everyone and pointing out what are we’ve been doing wrong. The atmosphere was very pleasant and friendly, and despite the language barrier, we got along very well.



Within those two days of the seminar, I’ve learned as much as after half a year of training. This was a wonderful adventure with amazing teachers. That’s a great honor to learn from people with so much experience. I admire not only their knowledge, but also their serenity.



The seminar, which I’ve participated in, was a great experience of Ushiro Karate. During the training, besides the friendly atmosphere, I’ve witnessed real, powerful karate. The training allowed me to acquire plenty of knowledge about the usage of Bunkai Kata in various situations. Karate Ushiro is fascinating in terms of its purpose in real situations and facility of using it. I’m thankful to Branch Michael Koethe and Jens Ackerman and Sub-Branch Marcin Żyliński for devoting their time, passing their knowledge to us and giving some significant advice on aiming at developing my Ushiro style. That seminar has strengthened me in my Ushiro way. Thanks for the opportunity to perfect myself and my inner strength.



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