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Launch of Poland sub-branch

Being assigned an official representative and the head of Sub Branch of Soshinkan Ushiro Karate in Poland is a big honour and great responsibility at the same time. I’m so proud and happy to be a part of this incredible community with such an amazing leader as Ushiro Kenji Sensei.

My first meeting with Sensei took place in 2015 during the European Seminar in Berlin. Before that event in 2014 I had seen several movie clips with Sensei on the Internet and one of them I found particularly interesting. It was training with an entitled kyokushin fighter. I asked myself: “ What is the sports karate champion doing with a non-sport karate master?” I started my own research. I read and watched everything I could have found about Ushiro Kenji Sensei on the Internet. Then I ordered Sensei’s book “Karate and Ki” and his instructional dvd. I tried very hard to learn something from these sources by myself.

The information about the first European Seminar with Sensei made me very happy and without any second thoughts I declared my participation. It was a turning point in my karate

training! Although I wasn’t able to understand most of the techniques and Seinsei’s explanations I definitely knew that it was karate I wanted to study in the future. I have always kept an open mind and never tried to define things, especially things I don’t understand. This attitude have helped me to persist and to go in the right direction.

After a few years of practicing Ushiro Karate, I know how unique and precious the Sensei teaching is. Step by step, thanks to kata training, especially Sanchin kata, I can discover something new. It seems to me that it is an endless journey of infinite self-development. I am very happy and thankful for having an opportunity to become one of the Sensei’s students. I have never met anybody like Ushiro Kenji in my karate way. His knowledge and skills are unbelievable, he inspires me every day!

I will do my best to follow Sensei’s teachings and spread the ideals of Ushiro Karate. I am aware of the fact that it will not be an easy task. It will be a long journey full of sacrifice, discipline, perseverance and humility. But I will do my best to follow Ushiro's path and to earn the title of the head of the Sub Branch of Soshinkan Ushiro Karate.

Marcin Żyliński

Ushiro Sensei and Marcin Żylińsk
Ushiro Sensei and Marcin Żylińsk


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