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Joint training report from Germany branch

On invitation of the Soshinkan Ushiro Karate Europe Branch the Sub Branch leaders from Italy and Poland met in Berlin in the Honbu Dojo for a common training weekend. The fraction from Poland consisted of 6 participants, the fraction from Italy consisted of 2 participants, in total the group consisted of 12 participants.

It was trained on Saturday from 10:00 to 16:30 and on Sunday from 10:00 to 16:00. A 1.5 hour break for lunch was spent on Saturday in a Japanese restaurant for lunch together.

The training and also the common free time in the evening took place in a cordial, warm atmosphere.

We trained Kihon, Idogeko, Kata and Bokken, partly in two groups, depending on the progress of the individuals. We paid special attention to the softness of the movements, as Sensei noted in the kata Kusanku of his grandchild Mana.

Many applications were practiced in the form of bunkai. In bokken training, special attention was given to posture, as it is also of absolute importance in kata.

The energy in the dojo was very good after a relatively short time and you could feel the will of each individual to develop, to improve their softness and their kata.

It was very nice to notice how all the participants are dedicated to Ushiro Karatedo and are eager to improve themselves, both technically and humanly.

It is an honor and a wonderful experience to have met a person like Sensei, to have been able to gain and carry on his teachings. I feel great humility towards Sensei and hope to pass on everything in his spirit.

We will try to move many more students on Sensei's path.

Attached are some impressions of some participants, especially the report of Emanuele touched me very much.

In unison all of them said how much we miss Sensei live here in Europe!

Best regards

Michael Koethe (Chief of Germany branch)


Comments from participants


Our meeting was very fruitful and it also elaborated technical aspects of Kihon as well as Kata. All of the organization of the seminar like the hospitality of the German instructors yet again was very welcoming and professional.

I am very grateful for having the ability to be a part of this educational experience.


P. N (Poland)


IT was a real pleasure to take part in such an amazing karate event. I had an OPPORTUNITY to train with the best and learn lots of new things. IT ALLOWS ME to improve my karate skills and encouraged me to work more. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!

M.D (Poland)


It was a great pleasure and a great experience to feel the spirit of Ushiro Kenji Karate. I am very pleased and grateful that I could improve my skills in Kusanku Kata. The seminar was a great experience.

M.G (Poland)


I'm very satisfied with the practice. I had a chance to learn a lot. I mastered my skills and improved my confidence. What is more, I met fantastic people. The atmosphere was positive. I would like to take part in such a great event in the future.

N (Poland)


Last weekend a two-day seminar was held in Berlin with the heads of the European branch.

In addition to Poland, we also participated from Italy.

The meeting took place in an atmosphere of brotherhood and friendship that characterized these two days.

There were technical and cultural exchanges on technique.

What struck me most was the common goal that is the search for the essence of Ushiro Sensei's teachings.

Each of us is looking for the true spirit of Karate Bujutsu which aims to unify body, heart and mind to harmonize with the universe.

Each of us is focused on developing the "inner part" precisely to move from a "relative" state to an "absolute and unified" state through the training of the body and breathing.

We trained basic Kihon, Chi No Kata, Ten No Kata, Kancho No Kata, Sanchin kata, Naifanchin kata, Passai kata, Kusanku kata, Seisan kata and Bokken no Kata.

We analyzed all the technical aspects in great detail and it was a great enrichment and a great training moment for me.

Each participant showed great humility and great interest.

This shows that in the true spirit of Bujutsu Karate you must always keep a "student mind" always ready to learn something new, even if you are a master, always with absolute respect.

Ultimately, I see that the essence of Ushiro Sensei's teachings are slowly taking root in each of us with the sole purpose of becoming the best people who can be an example to others.

Thanks to the masters Michael Koethe and Jens Akerman for their professionalism, for their great hospitality and the great work they have been doing for years.

I am really very grateful.

With great affection.

Emanuele Argentino (Chief of Italy sub branch)


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