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Letter accompanying the book "What is the Ki of Kenji Ushiro?"

COVID-19 that started at Wuhan, China has now spread out to the entire world and WHO confirmed it to be the pandemic.

The fatality rate of COVID-19 cannot be ignored.

In an attempt to stop the spread out, countries are shutting down their borders or recommending non-traveling.

That, in turn, causes the stop in logistics, lower people's consumption and causing economic problems.

Under these circumstances, it is essential that we learn and come to an understanding.

No matter how advanced today's medical care is, the fact is that it does not have the "positive" energy that could defeat this unknown "negative" energy brought by the coronavirus diseases.

Professor Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University, who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2012, published on his web site that he shared his view to Asahi Newspaper that "While my iPS Cell research is important, I would like to contribute myself as a medical researcher to this big threat in front of us. The application of iPS Cell takes time, so I would like to publish the correct information that is applicable right away. ''

My latest book, "What is the Ki of Kenji Ushiro?" touches about the existence of this positive energy and introduces simple methods to gain these energy.  

To tackle COVID-19, tracking down the spreading routes and going after its source are just partial solution. Another important area that requires immediate attention is how to strengthen our "immune system". In other words, it is about activating all our 37 trillion body cells.

The book touches on how shifting from conflict framework to harmony framework activates our cells, and in turn, strengthen the immune system.

I would encourage you to try the simple Kata and breathing methods that I introduced in the book to strengthen the immune system.

I am receiving messages with pictures and videos from my students in Europe and the US how the Kata and breathing method are giving them hope.


*For students overseas: The new book is currently only in Japanese. For the breathing method, please refer to "Ushiro-Style Breathing: Streaming Ki through the body"  


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