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Strengthen the immune system with Ushiro-Style Breathing globally

While COVID-19 is still going on, we have received messages from the students in Italy, Germany and Hungary as a response to Ushiro Sensei's message of "Please practice Sanchin kata and the breathing of gratitude kata. They will activate the cells and strengthen the immune system" "We are practicing Sanchin and the breathing of gratitude kata daily to strengthen the immune system. We are all doing fine, please pass on our gratitude and regards to Ushiro Sensei and to all the students in Japan" To all the students learning from Ushiro Sensei. Let's keep our cells active through Sanchin and the breathing of gratitude and keep moving forward with our daily life beyond COVID-19. The pictures are from Hungary and Italy.

Ushiro-Style Breathing at Hungary practice

From the student in Italy


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