Seattle Seminar Report

Ushiro Sensei conducted his 10th Seattle seminar on the weekend of September 7-8th, 2019. Participants, from veterans attending multiple times to the first timers, gathered from all over the US as well as Canada, Germany and Japan for this opportunity.

The seminar was held in a dojo instead of the regular gym space. One student of Saotome Sensei, with whom Ushiro Sensei has a long time friendship, provided her space for practice. The seminar was held in a very friendly atmosphere.

The main kata of these2 days was Passai which is “ideal to create the center”. This was accompanied with various verification methods and briefing. The 2 days seminar was focused on how each one of us carries the energy within ourselves that are not raw muscle strengths, as well as how our future is not within our current trajectory of growth and that it is necessary to make a non-reversible step up for growth and understand its difference.

Practicing Passai kata

Ushiro Sensei explaining kata application

Ushiro Sensei checked each group making sure that the participants understood the application.

Passai (Sasae Udeuke) of Ushiro Sensei

The Bunkai of Passai (Taikawashi Tsuki) from Ushiro Sensei. Even though his body is shifting to the side, his center remains unchanged from the opponent.

The flow of techniques from Ushiro Sensei 1

The flow of techniques from Ushiro Sensei 2

The flow of techniques from Ushiro Sensei 3

The flow of techniques from Ushiro Sensei 4

The morning session of the second day was focused on breathing. While the movement looks simple, the verification exercise made it clear that it was not as easy as it looks. Ushiro Sensei kept teaching not to be rough and clumsy and to do it slowly and properly, also adding that, “Explosive power will only be enabled from the slow movements as its foundation”.

Once the participants were able to create harmony through breathing and perform under one condition such as pushing the scrum from the side, the condition got more difficult such as pushing from another direction as a next step and so on. Ushiro Sensei kept emphasizing the importance of doing it slowly and properly to change the atmosphere of the space

Doing breathing syncing with Ushiro Sensei

The atmosphere changes and you can move the scrum

The 15 years old boy pays close attention to Ushiro Sensei’s guidance following last year’s participation.

The flow of Bunkai from Passai 1

The flow of Bunkai from Passai 2

The flow of Bunkai from Passai 3

The flow of Bunkai from Passai 4

The flow of Bunkai from Passai 5

Potluck dinner at Drachman Seattle Shibucho’s place on the first night. Ushiro Sensei passionately shows the way.

Ushiro Sensei tirelessly kept givingadvices even during the break, as well as inviting the children to experience breaking the rock to make them understand that anybody could do it. He showed great care towards all the attendees and his message that he wants everyone to step up was clearly shared with the participants. Ushiro Sensei also pointed out that everybody should bring back what they have learned, not forgetting anything behind. All attendees were given an assignment to study until the next time which was a real gift

Ushiro Sensei showcasing that breaking rocks can be done by anybody

Group picture from the 10th Seattle seminar

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