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Karate and Ki from Kenji Ushiro Juku-Cho is now available on Kindle.

​Ushiro Sensei's representative work, Karate and Ki is now available as an ebook on Kindle.

This book consists of 2 parts:

The first part explains in detail the principle and theory of "Ki", which is the ultimate form of martial arts Karate.

The second explores Mr. Ushiro's "no compromise" thought and philosophy which he developed through his life as a martial artist, electronic engineer and top corporate executive.

The "Ki" that Mr.Ushiro describes in this book is totally different from the "Ki" normally thought of in the traditional martial arts and regular world.

It is an energy that everyone has, the vitality of people's life.

It is the source of everything that supports work, family and daily life.

This book has attracted many readers who have read it multiple times and derive new energy from it with every read.

Some comments from readers include: "This book is like a mass of energy." "It was moving and gave me the courage to move forward".


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