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Ushiro Karate - Practical Philosophy of Bujutsu -

Ushiro Karate

- Practical Philosophy of Bujutsu -

著者  宇城憲治 定価  本体2,800円+税 ISBN  978-4-910001-18-0 判型/分 A5判並製 本文232頁 発売日 2021年11月26日



Win without fighting - the definitive version of Ushiro Karate that realizes the essence of Bujutsu!

This book is a compilation of three of Kenji Ushiro's karate books, "The Origin of Budo” (in 2000), "The Knowledge and Practice of Bujutsu Karate” (in 2001), and "The Way to Bujutsu Karate” (in 2003). And it is the definitive version of “Ushiro Karate”with new and detailed additions and corrections.

  The essence of Bujutsu Karate, beyond styles and schools, is explained based on actual practice. What is the true meaning of Bujutsu? What is the meaning of Kata? What is the meaning of Bunkai-kumite? What is Body-Brain? What is Breathing Power? What is Neutralization? Who is a master? What is training? The book is a must-read for all practitioners of Bujutsu, not just karate practitioners.

  In addition, this book contains a "practical philosophy" of life that leads to how we should be in our daily lives, how we should be as people, how we should be as leaders, and ultimately, how we should live based on Mr. Ushiro's wide range of experiences and perspectives as a corporate leader and a leading-edge engineer in the field of electronics. This is the starting point for the teaching of "Ki" that Mr. Ushiro is currently deploying to bring out the potential of human beings.

  This book is not a ‘how-to’ book as we have seen in recent years. This is because there is no how-to in Bujutsu. However, for those who are serious about pursuing the path of Bujutsu, I am certain that this book will lead them to the true way of training. Furthermore, for those who are searching for a way to live in this difficult time, I am confident that this book will be a guide to living an unwavering life.



Regarding this Publication

Chapter 1

The Origin of Budo

What it is to Learn Budo

Motivation at the beginning

Level of techniques

How my view of karate changed

Karate after that

What kata teaches

Sports karate and bujutsu karate

Lifeline of bujutsu, offense and defense as one

Awakening to bujutsu karate

Humility is the path to improvement

Meeting a good teacher

Teaching with the essence of things in mind

Kata and Training Methods for Use

What is absolute improvement?

What to learn from kata?

Five steps to use

Theorizing needs to be tested for objectivity

Practice methods to increase the degree of usability

Objectives and means

What is Bujutsu Karate?

Bujutsu and budo

How to practice bujutsu karate

Practical philosophy in the “unity of technique and theory (Ji-Ri-Itchi)”

Inner awareness guided by kata

“Ateha,” the punch of bujutsu karate

Karate’s Ateha is comparable to the wooden sword in kenjutsu

The appeal of bujutsu training

Offense and defense are one in bujutsu training

Elements required for bujutsu

Knowing karate and not knowing kata

Techniques born from the enlightenment of the body

Bujutsu has a way of encouraging determination

Roots of karate, “The heart of Okinawa”

You are stronger if you have something to believe in

Chapter 2

Kata and Form

Kata to Form

Kata and form

Training system from kata to form

Bunkai kumite

Flow of Ki needed for usability

Absolute step-up improvement

Changes brought about by absolute improvement

Bujutsu techniques

How to improve

Practice methods for improvement

Chapter 3

Development of the Body-Brain

The Body-Brain Revealed by Bujutsu Karate

Body movements that do not depend on conscious action

The body-brain promotes unconsciousness

“Kyo”(absence) and “Jitsu”(presence)

Three Sen

From seeing to perceiving

Physical eyes and perceiving eyes / Eyes of the mind-heart

Body-Brain Development Method

Body-brain that unlocks potential

Kata is the starting point for awakening the body-brain

Mind-heart and consciousness

The free mind-heart

Solo practice necessary for developing the body-brain

Chapter 4

Breathing and Breathing Power

From Breathing to Breathing Power

Bujutsu breathing

Proper posture and body breathing

From breathing to breathing power

Breathing to create inner energy

Slow but fast movements

Fusing with your opponent



Neutralizing yourself and neutralizing the opponent

The ultimate throw is to neutralize the opponent

Neutralizing yourself without letting the other person touch you

Physical changes that occurred as a result of practice

From the relative to the absolute world

Chapter 5

Kata and Bunkai Kumite / Kumite

Kata is the Accumulation of Secrets

Awareness promoted by kata practice

From simple to more sophisticated techniques

What unification of kata and breathing creates

Creating true technique from kata

Relationship between the brain and the body-brain

Kata and Feedback Practice

Importance of the inner form

Visible and invisible techniques

Practice makes perfect

Words as an aid to understanding

Stability of posture

Feedback practice

A wide variety of techniques from a small number of kata

Personal history created by daily continuity

Development of the body-brain through kata and bunkai kumite

From Naifanchin kata

From Passai kata

Chapter 6

Interview: Thinking about the Origin of Budo

Seeking Endless Explosive Power and Neutralizing Power

The important point is whether or not you can actually use technique

Vector-less movement

Explosive power that requires neither distance nor time

Absorb the opponent’s power while concealing explosive power

Matching the inside and outside of the body

Mastering is a Digital Step-Up

Irreversible step-up

Relative and absolute training

Kata has truth

Offense out of defense is the basic

Essence of Kata

Three points to master kata

What is bunkai kumite?

What is the unification of outer and inner form?

Theory of karate

Budo that Reflects Your Life

Budo is based on bujutsu

One touch is worth more than seeing it a hundred times

The learning process: “Shu-Ha-Ri”

From dependence to independence

Bujutsu has the Power to Transmit to the World

Energy that produces explosive power

Progress in bujutsu is digital

Cultivating creativity through bujutsu

Budo has the power to increase the time scale

Chapter 7

Ushiro Karate from Then on

All that exists is always now

Field created by Ji-Ri-Itchi

Now as an extension from twenty years ago

“Ki” is the ability to anticipate the future in the present

The fifth dimensional world as seen through the practice of “Ki”



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