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Thoughts from the European Sub-branch chiefs on being awarded the black belts

Ushiro Kenji Sensei awarded black belts to the sub-branch chiefs of Italy, Hungary and Poland.

Below are the thoughts from 3 of them after being awarded the black belts.


For Ushiro Sensei:

For many years I have been trying to figure out where I could find the source of real Karate.

Only when I met Ushiro Sensei did I realize that my research was finally over and I just had to start studying hard the essence of his teachings.

And now for me wearing the Dogi and Obi of the Soshinkan school, in addition to the great emotion I felt, was also the culmination of a great dream desired by many years of practice.

Feeling part of a centuries-old tradition and an ancient and original school of Okinawan Karate, makes me feel part of the history of this noble martial art.

Therefore wearing the Dogi and the Obi of the Soshinkan school is a great honor but above all a great responsibility because it means being able to pass on the essence of Ushiro Karate.

The feeling I get when I wear the Dogi is that of going back in time. I seem to see the masters of the past and feel their martial spirit.

It's a difficult feeling to put into words, but my spirit feels it and my body is ready to learn.

I will constantly strive to ensure that I am worthy of this task.

Eternally grateful to Ushiro Sensei for his trust in me.

With great respect and affection.

Italy Sub-branch chief

Emanuele Argentino


Being nominated on shodan rank Soshinkan Ushiro Karate was the very nice and surprising news for me.

I didn't expect such an honor and privilege. I am fully aware that I am only at the beginning of the Ushiro karate path, in which the development, as opposed to sports karate is unlimited.

I am very grateful Sensei Ushiro Kenji for his enormous inspiration and my personal development as a human being.

I hope I will not disappoint Sensei and fulfill all the requirements for this rank. Despite such a significant distinction I will try to keep the beginner state of mind and work even harder for self-development.

But most of all I'd like to meet Sensei at the next seminar, because it's been over two years since our last meeting…

Poland Sub-branch chief

Marcin Żyliński


Thoughts and feelings about the new belt and new Gi.

First of all, it is a great honor for me to train already in the official Gi of the SOSHINKAN organization, it feels completely different to practicing KATA in it, the quality itself and the energy of the kanji embroidered on it , bring out from me more self-confidence and deeper humility.

It is a special honor from USHIRO Sensei to anticipate wearing the black belt of the organization, I feel the internal significance of this as my task to grow up with it.

Of course the external appearance of black belt doesn’t dazzle, I am more motivated by the responsibilities that come with it, and I feel like I’ve really gotten closer to something very special in this world.

It gives me a lot of strength to practice even more precisely every day, and in that spirit I teach the basics to my followers.

I am really looking forward to the opportunity to meet Sensei Kenji Ushiro again personally, of course together with my friends from other countries.

Hungary Sub-branch chief

Fris Ferenc


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