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About Soshinkan Karate

The focus of Soshinkan Karate Jissenjuku practice is to gain a strong body, the spirit of harmony and the heart of peace through the Kata that contains 600 years of Okinawa history and its techniques as martial arts.


The ultimate goal is to control the opponent. To achieve that, the body breathing will be the source. Proper posture,  Bunkai and Ouyou Kumite from Kata will harmonize with your opponent and neutralize them.


Mastering the body breathing will heavily depend on one’s state of mind and heart.

With a strong feeling of “I want to win” from a relative world, the body breathing will be stuck.

One can step in the world of time and space by going beyond the relative world and putting oneself in the absolute world. By doing so, one will harmonize with time and space and the first step of body breathing will begin. This is the flow of Ki. With the flow of Ki, you train your body, refine your heart, and unify the body and mind to make yourself stronger. This is the secret of progress.


The actual techniques are, of course, important. However, the way of your heart and mind are even more important in Ushiro Karate. This is the reason why it is called the practice of heart.


The teaching of Soshinkan Karate Jissenjuku does not simply aim to learn the technique to win to your opponent in a relative world but emphasize in winning against yourself, progress in your Karate by putting yourself in the absolute world and harmonize with your opponent. These learning process and effort will raise yourself and will be applied in your daily life as real practice.


Kenji Ushiro Jukucho teaches at Tokyo HQ and Osaka branch monthly, Nagano, Mie and Oita branch twice a year.


As for global branch, there are Seattle and Napa in the US and Berlin in Europe. Kenji Ushiro teaches at Karate seminar several times a year with participants from all over the world.

About Soshinkan Iaido

At the age of 33, Kenji Ushiro started Iai to learn the heart of the weapon as opposed to Karate. His teacher, Nikichi Zaha kept telling him “To master Karate, you will need to study the sword”. That brought him to Takeo Kawasaki of Musojikiden Eishinryu Hokusetsukai when he was Godan in Karate. He went practicing everyday including the weekend and won the first tournament after just 2 months. He has the unbroken winning record of more than 50 Iai tournaments.


By learning the bare hand Karate and weapon Iai, he became convinced that the root of the techniques is the heart of “Win without fighting”, to aim harmony from confrontation. This is exactly the same as Edo area, where the world of sword became “Win without fighting”. “Ki” was independently born from this process.


At Soshinkan, students from Sandan and above study the sword to better understand the root of martial arts.  

About Overseas Seminar

As for global branch, there are Seattle and Napa in the US and Berlin in Europe. Kenji Ushiro teaches at Karate seminar several times a year with participants from all over the world.

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