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Kenji Ushiro


Soshinkan Karatedo 9thDan Hanshi  

All Japan Kendo Federation Iai 7thDan, Musojikiden Eishinryu 

Ushiro HQ dojo Soshikan Kancho

1986—Head of the Technical Research Institute at Yoshimura Electric Co., Ltd., 

1991—Director of the Technical Research Institute at Yoshimura Electric Co., Ltd.,

1996—Chief Executive of Tokei Denko Co., Ltd.,

1997—Chief Executive of Kaga Components Co., Ltd.As a technician in the electronics field, 

2008, CEO of UK Jissenjuku Co., Ltd.


Kenji Ushiro Shihan was born on January 15th, 1949, born in Kobayashi city, Miyazaki. 


1967, he enters Miyazaki University and joins the Karate team.

He was the youngest to enter the Second Annual National Karatedo Tournament.However, he started questioning practical ability of sport Karate, Then he began receiving direct training under Zaha Nikichi, master of Shindōkai, after graduating Shindō-ryu Karatedō Hanshi 8th dan.

In 1982, he was admitted to the All Japan Kendo Federation Iaido (Zen Nippon Kendo Renmei Iaido), and has since won over 60 championships in various tournaments.All Japan Kendo Federation Iaido / Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu Kyoshi 7th dan.


he has been involved in developing new technology for numerous electronic devices, ranging from video equipment to satellite cell phones, and has been granted many patents. He has also been a successful business manager in the business world, both domestically and internationally. On the other hand he devoted himself to intense martial arts training and truly led a life of bunbu ryodo (unification of literary and martial arts).


The experience of enabling the impossible to possible provide the opportunity to notice the invisible and regain the confidence and humbleness that people originally have.


Provides the guidance of shifting from "Teaching - Learning" to "Realize - Make one notice" through Ushiro Karate, Ushiro Dojuku, Parent Juku, High school baseball, various lectures at school and corporation, sports school for professionals and non-professionals    


He has expanded his practices overseas to USA(Seattle, Napa ), Germany, to name a few, and has gained respect from the martial arts community all over the world.

Patent as developper


1.  Patent publication 2003-274657 Switching Power Supply

2.  Patent publication 2003-250191 Piezoelectric Speaker Power Regular

3.  Patent publication 2003-111303 Solar Power Supply

4.  Patent publication 2002-315316 Solar Power Supply

5.  Patent publication 2002-238182 Solar Power Supply

6.  Patent publication 2002-191167 Harmonic Current Control Circuit

7.  Patent publication 2002-136126 RCC Switching Power Supply

8.  Patent publication 2002-136117 Switching Power Supply

9.  Patent publication 2002- 101566 Battery Charger

10.  Patent publication 2001-314078 Switching Power Supply

11.  Patent publication 1999-329562 Prong Mechanism on Plugs

12.  Patent publication 1998-329562 Switching Power Supply

13.  Patent publication 1995-302721 Power Transformer

14.  Patent publication 1995-297053 Transformer & Electronic Device with Transformer

15.  Patent publication 1995-249434 Rechargeable Battery

16.  Patent publication 1995-143412 Remote Playback Device

17.  Patent publication 1995-115024 Power Transformer

18.  Patent publication 1993-205783 Secondary Battery Installation  Device

19.  Patent publication 1993-056567 Electronic Charge Level Display

20.  Patent publication 1993-042257 Weighted Walking Training  Brace

21.  Patent publication 1993-015079 Secondary Battery with EPMS

22.  Patent publication 1993-013108 Secondary Battery

The drawings of the relay and its design specifications that he designed in his second year, at 27 years old (hand-drawn, before CAD was available)

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