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Background for dialogue with a Physicist

Prepatory presentation by Kenji Ushiro, UK Jissen Juku

Presentation Points

I . Goal


I would hope to gain the cooperation of scientists, doctors and neurologists in taking up research, dialogue and questions about my hypotheses on the existence of the invisible force, Ki, real examples of which I have introduced in many ways.


II. Ushiro-style Ki confirmed and proven


The examples of Ki I will present here have already be proven and confirmed in a variety of venues. Ki exists like an X-ray that cannot be seen or felt by the body. In the instance where Ki is used to make the body heavier, it is not about measuring with instruments the weight of mass of the body. However, its existence is clearly confirmed through the experience (actual fact) that the body has really changed. In other words, it is made clear through the actual experience of suddenly getting stronger and heavier – qualities that were previously not possible and are instantly made possible.


The below I believe show that these experiences resulting from Ki are not from the power of suggestion or mental process.


  1. 750 students outside of my karate school together with another 3000 students and company employees who have attended my lectures and demonstrations have all had the same actual experiences. (shown in the photos and personal references).

2.   Instantly throwing nine people by running Ki through the person throwing from the side of the room. This is something that absolutely cannot be explained by the
power of suggestion or spiritualism.



III. The Value of Ki


  1. Through Ki people can access the potential energy that exists in all of us.

  2. This latent energy makes the impossible suddenly possible. It can be said to be a third form of energy

  3. The invisible phenomenon of Ki has the same value as a subject as other Nobel prize worthy topics like the neutrino, the quark the nucleus among others.

In the context of analytic science to date, Ki offers an integrated viewpoint of factual phenomenon and, thus, offers future science another major subject. Integrated science is absolutely natural science. So, in theory, what clearly derives from preceding facts, what is latent in them, are truth and reality. In other words, a predictive science, where the answers are already present in advance. The science-worthiness of Ki relies upon confirming the universality, objectivity and reproducibility of associated actual facts through an integrated science. The hypothesis I am presenting has much research value for the most cutting edge and as yet unknown science. The Ki I am presenting, as a unified science, poses questions for science, medicine, and psychology. In addition, Ki is the source of human active power, the third energy. And as an energy that enables unified harmony and peace, I firmly believe it shows its effectiveness in all fields of endeavor.

I.Phenomena that occur from Ki

I will first explain the phenomena that derive from Ki and then give real examples and facts

(shown in photos and images) with corresponding hypotheses for each.

I   Phenomenon of Weight Change

Actual example:


  1. the instant change in weight (heavier or lighter) of the person being carried on another’s back

  2. the person laying flat on his back on the ground instantly becoming heavy or light. This fact can be proven by the person lifting that person feeling that doing so is easy or somehow impeded by the weight.

  3. Inanimate objects becoming heavier or lighter (which Mr. Edger from the NASA Research has directly experienced)

Theory: Ki changes gravity and affects the center of balance

All those carrying someone piggy back suddenly feeling the person they are carrying become heavy or light; all those being pulled up from a face up prone position feeling easy or suddenly hard to lift. Inanimate objects becoming heavy or light. This is not simply functioning at a one-on-one level but is occurring uniformly for an entire group of people in a room. This is I believe due to a change in the atmosphere or air in the environment.  This change in weight through Ki is not a change measurable on a scale. For current science that assumes that if there is no numeric change in weight there must be no change, this presents a real dilemma. I can give the following actual examples.

Below are supporting phenomena:


  1. Even though the actual numbers on the scale do not change, things are getting heavier and lighter. Some kind of energy must be at work which affects the position of central balance or the gravity in space.

  2. My hypothesis is that this unknown change in gravity is the result of time entering into space.

  3. Or, assuming gravity does not change, and that one’s measured weight does not change, the heaviness and lightness of the person being carried on another’s back must be due to a shift in that person’s center point. Thus, we can theorize that it is due to the shift in center point that the person doing the carrying feels a difference in weight. However, this phenomenon also occurs with inanimate objects so simply explaining this phenomenon as a shift in the center balance line contains some contradiction.

  4. 4.Alternatively, the feeling of heaviness experienced by the person riding on top himself could be from their psychological sense that they have changed their center line.  However, even if they are convinced by their suggestion, those who are carrying would not feel that the person who are on top became actually heavy. 

  5. 5. I believe this change in gravity is at work in the case of how heavy or light a  person lying down feels even though their measurable weight remains the same. The force of friction, the combined effect of the person’s weight and the coefficient of friction, may be at play such that even though there is no weight change, there is a change in the coefficient of friction. When the body is rigid like a Japanese Bo (a long stick) and the center line is evenly distributed through the body, a low coefficient of friction will make the body easier to lift and a high one will make it heavier. Adding this change to the body means changing the contact point between the person and the ground and, in this way, a weight change can be applied. This is the same for the weight difference between pulling someone asleep and pulling someone awake.  I believe the heaviness of the person asleep comes from the distribution of their place of central balance. I believe it is possible using Ki to effect the same condition of heaviness for the person awake.

II   The phenomenon of attractive force (harmony and unifying power)



  1. 1. It is easy to pull a person standing with their back to a wall forward when no Ki is applied. However, when Ki is added, that person becomes stuck to the wall and hard to pull. Furthermore, they can even pull the pulling person to them. Even though they are stick to the wall and cannot move backward, they can still pull in the person in front of them.

  2.  Through Ki it is possible for two persons facing each other and touching the palms of their extended hands to push each other backwards without their palms sliding off.

  3.  The hand of the person thrown staying stuck to the hand of the person who threw them.

Theory: Ki produces attractive force (harmony and unifying power)

Below are supporting phenomena:


  1. The ability of a person with their back against a wall being pulled to reverse force and pull the person pulling him to the wall. This is evidence of the attractive force produced by Ki.where additional physical space is not necessary.

  2. The extended hand palms staying stuck together as two persons push each other. This is the result of Ki activitating cells and causing an increased granularity of the skin and, thus, an increase in the skin surface area and friction so that both hands get mutually stuck.

  3. The person thrown unable to release themselves from the hand of the person who threw them and using the touch point to prevent the thrown person from getting up and attacking. As an additional point to what was mentioned on article 2 above, the person thrown becomes completely rigid.

III   The Phenomenon of Neutralizing Power

Examples of changes:

  1. Taking on an attack and instantly neutralizing it

  2. Taking the strong power and intention away from an attack to the shoulder

  3. Neutralizing the power of a strong two-handed attack to the wjrists and throwing the attacker

Theory: Ki works at the level of time by controlling the speed of subjective time

  1. It is like simultaneously taking and developing photographs with a high-speed camera. The events photographed seem to occur in slow motion. In the same way, when one speeds up internally, the attacker appears to slow down and can be harmonized with at an unconscious level.

  2.  I believe examples like instantly neutralizing an attack or taking the power out of an opposing partner’s intention or grab are examples of harmonizing and not clashing and using neutralizing power to take away the attackers ability to fight. I believe that conflict gives way to harmony because of some change in the working of time. It is like developing the image taken with a high-speed camera. If your internal speed becomes as fast as that of a high speed camera, your opponent’s motion will seem to slow down and  you can harmonize with everything all at an unconscious level. This conscious versus unconscious level was described by the author Benjamin Libet in “Mind Time: The Brain, Consciousness and Time). Libet has shown that humans are not conscious of their activities for a 0.5 second period, the 0.5 second unconscious realm. Activities occur in 0.2 seconds but we are not aware of them until 0.5 seconds. This is a theory applicable to everything I am discussing in this proposal.

  3.  Ki possesses a time that can enter into the pre-0.2 second world. Whereas there would be conflict on contact between opponents operating at the same time, Ki can enter inside the opponent no matter how fast he is going. Without catching what is happening the opponent cannot react, is neutralized, and the phenomenon of harmony occurs. In other words, at the opponent’s preconscious level, there is a perception of a wavelength or vibration and through that a vision of the opponent’s intention. In this way, Ki works on time and can change speed.

IV   The Phenomenon of Changing to the Body


  1. The difference in body softness between our normal state and when Ki is transmitted when the upper body is twisted or bent, when the neck is attacked with a finger, and when the calves of a person lying face down are pressed.

  2.  Normally one jumps up  there is so much pain when one is pinched and pulled by the under arms, ears or hair. But with Ki the pain is taken away and it is even possible to throw the person doing the pinching or pulling.

Theory: Ki operates at the cellular level

The following can be said:

  1. The instant softening of the body comes from Ki acting not on the muscles but by activating the cells.

  2.  That Ki clearly reduces or removes pain even when the arms or legs are pinched is proof of a change in the body. One actually understands the body becoming hard and soft. This not a physiological change of hard to soft, but a feeling of hardness and softness. Further proof is that the person pinched gets extra strength. Not only can he now throw but can also move freely without their body being stuck or immobile.

    The normal path of feeling pain is that the nerve pain is felt in the area pinched and the size of the pressure is conveyed to the brain. Through Ki this pain subsides or at least is reduced. Even with a lot of pain-producing pressure, Ki quickly and continually disperses the pressure so no pain is felt. Or Ki does something to the signaling system itself. In any case, it seems Ki makes a change at the cellular level which affects the nervous system.

    My working theory is that it is the body’s 60 billion cells that catch Ki, not the brain or head.

    In the case where one is lying down face up and no pain is felt when someone stands on that person’s stomach or calves, the condition of cells has changed due to Ki. I believe this lack of pain is due to either the cells dispersing the force or being made stronger and affecting the condition of the nerves’ sensing power.

V   Strengthening of the Body

Examples of change:

  1. eversing an opponent who has pinned your arm in an arm wrestle – a normally impossible situation made possible by using Ki.

  2.  Being able to throw or push a group of attackers – a normally impossible situation --  using Ki

  3.  Becoming a human iron staffby having two people on either side of you hang from your shoulders while your arms are extended. Through Ki you remain stable even if someone hangs from you or climbs on your back.

Theory: Ki brings a different level of strength than muscle training


  1. In the case of arm wresting and throwing and taking down a group of attackers, Ki works to instantly strengthen the body. This is evidenced by the fact that muscle training cannot produce these effects.

  2. It would be impossible to have someone who has just muscular strength attempt the human iron staff exercise as that person risks injury if they really try to hold up two strong people. However, through the softness provided by Ki one can gain the necessary strength to move while two people are hanging on your arms. This is possible because Ki is passed to these two people as well. Thus, they do not feel heavy to you and you can move freely.

  3. Each of these cases is completely impossible through power of suggestion, spiritualism or psychology. Ironically, these support the fact that Ki is assuredly at work in these cases.

VI. Eliminating Fear

Examples of change:

  1. Through Ki being able to enter inside an oncoming knife hand attack

  2. Being able to control an attacker through Ki who comes at you with a bamboo and wooden sword

Theory : Ki eliminates fear

What is very clear is that  normally one cannot enter into the place of a real attack. One feels the fear ahead of time and cannot enter in. If one forces the entry one will raise one’s hands to receive the attack as a reaction which means the hands can get broken by a bokken (wooden sword) or cut by a real sword.


What can be said is that if one can enter in the two examples given it is proof that fear has been removed. In other words, one subconsciously tries to escape from the attack even if the head says it is not afraid. But, if one can really enter, then fear has been removed from the body. This is the very essence of martial arts, “I “ and “sei”, which is result of achieving “jiri ichi” – the unity of theory and practice. (This comes from the book of sword about Ito Ittossai)

VII.     Speed becomes faster

Examples of change:

Example of change: one can enter into an attacker’s front and rear side simultaneously and instantly control him

Theory: Ki makes the attacker’s action slow

The following can be said here. Through Ki, it is possible not just to enter into the front of the attack of an oncoming opponent but into his back. There is such a difference in speed that the opponent’s movement seems slow and you have the time and ability to enter.

I. Phenomena that occur from Ki

II   Special Characterics of Ki

  1. Ki makes suddenly possible that which we think is impossible – a concept of energy

  2. Ki in zero time (0.00 seconds) travels throughout one’s body and throughout the bodies of everyone around – a concept of time


When you achieve super high speed internally you can produce an energy that makes the impossible naturally possible


Ki in all connections is related to time and speed. For example, if you watch the moment of impact of an egg being dropped to the ground from a high place you would see the egg collide and break. This is from the perspective of normal time which you can see with your eyes. If you develop an image taken with a high-speed camera, everything would look slower and softer and there would not be any collision at all.


Using a different example, most bungie jumpers experience a 4-5 second jump timed with a stop watch as taking 6-7 seconds, a nearly 30% increase in the actual time. This is further proof of this super high speed. Something similar to the high speed camera condition is shown with the examples of the egg dropping and the bungie jumper falling.


What can be said of the high-speed camera condition in these examples is that it can be produced instantly in oneself or others. When Ki is passed through it speeds up time and everything looks slower and any and all states appear more clearly. Thus, it is easy to enter into an opponent’s space. In other words, it is possible to harmonize with opposition and in this way overcome fear. (It not possible to overcome fear using psychological effort or courage

II Special Characterics of Ki


The practical reality of Ki I have introduced here at the level of gravity, cell activity, and time speed all have in common an absence of collision. Through Ki, collision instantly becomes harmony. This harmonious level where collision cannot emerge is the core of what the Budo world calls “winning without fighting” brought about by the ultimate realm of life and death. This is not just in Budo but also in technology development and management as a philosophy of action which continually occurs in everyday life.


This practical application of Ki, which leads to peace and inspires action without anger, holds immeasurable possibility for our current state of world crisis and has the power to influence our everyday lives.


With respect to the first two phenomena, controlling gravity and producing attractive force, I have given instances of what cannot be explained with current  physics and supported them with real examples that meet the scientific standards of reproducibility, objectivity and universality. I would like to inspire inquiry from a physics viewpoint into what kind of a theoretical explanation can be made.


Phenomena III, IV and V, are all about bringing real change to the body. The central focus here is that it is all about removing tension and power from the body and unrelated to consciousness. It is about enabling a body that does not feel pain even though it has nerves and can throw or take down multiple attackers in a way that would be impossible with strength alone. This kind of change in the body, which has been up to now only associated with the super human level of power that comes from an outbreak of fire, has been explained in detail with objectivity, universality and reproducibility. I would like to ask what kind of explanation medical science would offer for these kinds of changes to the body. Further, from the perspective of developing human capacity, I believe understanding Ki’s role in the body has tremendous value.


Finally, with respect to phenomena VI and VII, the unconscious realm, we have an awareness of a speed faster than humans can consciously perceive, the sense of an opponent moving slowly resulting from that awareness, and the loss of fear. I would like to promote questions on what can explain the mind-body relationship at work here.


From this reality I would like to ask specialists from physics, neurology and medicine for their theories and hypotheses about the phenomena set forth which to date science has not had the level of context to explain.

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