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Launch of Italy and Hungary sub-branch

Ushiro Sensei has decided to launch Soshinkan Ushiro Karatedo Italy sub-branch and Hungary sub-branch. He appointed Emanuele Argentino as head of Italy sub-branch and Ferenc Fris as head of Hungary sub-branch. Here are the thoughts of both heads as they accepted the new roles.


Emanuele Argentino

I first met Kenji Ushiro Sensei at the New York seminar in April 2013 and it was a fantastic experience. I had never seen anything like it and I couldn’t understand many of the things Ushiro sensei taught. So I decided to deepen his teachings by continuing to attend his seminars. At each seminar I realized how much profound and invaluable his teachings were. And every time I saw Ushiro Sensei I felt refreshed and recharged. From that moment on I started practicing only Ushiro Karatedo, definitively abandoning my old WadoRyu style as I felt I had found everything I was looking for. I have always felt happy and honored to have the opportunity to attend these meetings and I have always worn the white belt as a symbol of humility for what I was learning. And with great surprise, Ushiro Sensei decided to appoint me as the head of the Sub Branch Soshinkan Ushiro Karatedo Italy. I have no words to express my joy, my enthusiasm and above all my gratitude to Ushiro Sensei for this wonderful gift. My heart beats fast, I'm excited! I will strive to honor this assignment as much as I can by teaching this wonderful art which have been preserved and handed down for centuries. I will try to pass on the depth of thought of Karate Bujutsu to try to build a world made up of better people. And in order to do this, I must first be an example for others.

I understand well that it will be a long and hard journey but I will give it my all. Thanks to Ushiro Sensei I realized that to understand the depth of thought in karate Bujutsu you must always be able to see the brightest part of everything and of every person. And that’s the reason why there is no opponent, no competition. When we negatively judge someone, we have destructive, separating feelings that create a block between us and others. This takes us away from the unity of heart and mind. Ki does not flow and we are separated from the whole. When trying to find water, there is no point in digging many small holes.

Rather, it is better to just dig a single deep hole. So I will strive to seek the essence and depth of thought as Ushiro Sensei taught us, through kata Sanchin and Kokyu breathing and I will strive to become a better person to be an example for others as well. Ushiro Sensei is a beacon that lights us up every time, pointing us in the right direction. I am truly lucky to have access to this pure source of priceless wisdom. Argentino Emanuele

Ushiro Sensei and Argentino Emanuele
Ushiro Sensei and Argentino Emanuele


Ferenc Fris

First of all, I am very glad and grateful that Kenji Ushiro Sensei assigned me to be the head of Soshinkan Ushiro Karatedo Hungary Sub Branch. It is a great honor for me. I remember a long time ago, when one of my karate friends gave me a DVD by Ushiro Sensei ,that aroused my interest when I saw Sensei teaching famous Full-Contact Karatekas to Bujutsu Karate. I have 33 years of experience in Full contact Karate, but I always searched for more deepness, and something more than competition karate. On this DVD I found something very special, then I started to look after it. At the beginning of 2017 I found on the internet an open European seminar for Ushiro Sensei in Berlin , and I connected with Michael Koethe to attend it. Some months ago I ordered the book „KARATE and Ki „ and I studied it thoroughly. At my first seminar It was an amazing feeling to meet personally and have „hands-on contact” with Sensei. In these years I had high positions in one of the biggest hungarian full-contact organizations, but from time to time felt stuck for many reasons. I was really looking forward to the next 2018 Berlin seminar,-where I brought my two son with me-, to learn more Bujutsu Karate. Before it, I made a serious decision to invite Sensei to Hungary , and at the end of this event I told Michael and then Sensei my intention. Soon in a few weeks I got a call from Michael, that I got the opportunity!

I felt very excited Me and my students worked very hard for months to organize all the details ,and in October of 2019 the first Budapest Seminar was successfully completed by more than 70 high grade Karate participants.

In these five days I was influenced by Sensei's personality and radiance. I faced the difference of Ki ( the Depth of thought ) and muscle power. My life has reached a turning point. It was a hard decision to resign my officials and hand over my big full contact club, but I did changeover to Bujutsu Karate , because I feel great confidence for new dimensions! I wrote my commitment to Sensei, and I took the necessary steps. I would like to thank Michael Koethe European Branch Chief and Jens Ackermann for the many selfless help and friendship during the years of preparation, and in 2020 when Covid made our situation more difficult.

I am happy that Me and Emanuelle Argentino san together assigned new Sub-Branch Chiefs in Europe, under the leadership of Michael San. My determination is to follow the path Ushiro Sensei teaches us , using Ki in the Karate and the principle of win without fighting. „TASON JISHIN” really touches my heart. In Hungary and in our region around us I strive to reach and teach - for open-minded, and open hearted Persons, who want to be a part of BUJUTSU Karate in SOSHINKAN organization. with a great respect Best regards


Ushiro Sensei, Fris Ferenc and his family
Ushiro Sensei, Fris Ferenc and his family


Ushiro Sensei commented “I am very happy to see that the circle of the international community of Japanese culture and Bujutsu is expanding globally in both the US and Europe through Ushiro Karate. ”

Group picture from Hungary seminar 2019
Group picture from Hungary seminar 2019


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