The Power of Human Potential -- What children can do that adults cannot (Book)

"How to unlock the human's potential that people are born with." The book addresses this key question with practical and verifiable method. A definitive edition of "Ushiro Theory."

"Unlocking human's potential" is a common theme and many books provide the "How to." The key difference of this book is to provide with practical methods that unlock the potential by first showing what it is, explaining why people are unable to unlock it, and addressing the main cause and the necessity of "Unified body" as the enabler.

This book is an edited summary of three books by Kenji Ushiro, "Humans are born complete," "Living Humbly" and "Children Can Do What Adults Cannot" with focus in unlocking human's potential. The book is in English and Japanese for a global audience.

Issued on January 28, 2019