Budo @ Human beings are born complete - Definition of "Ki" and its origin -

This example of the tulip teaches us the truth that gthe bulb contains the very existence of its future appearance, as the complete shape of a red tuliph. In other words, this is the truth of the bulb. These perspectives, thinking processes and actions, either by analysis or by completion, heavily influence how we live.
The former, the analysis type, is an academically developed thinking process, which tries to understand and comprehend with only perceptible information they hold.
The latter, the completion type, planting the bulb, is a thinking process that unconsciously senses the invisible message beyond what the eye can see, and is initiated by inspiration.
This can be applied to human beings. We begin our existence as a complete life form with individually unique DNA from the moment we are conceived.
Soil for the tulip is the invisible message from the earth for us, and also is the place for all life forms to co-exist and co-prosper. Our food exists within the example of the soil for the tulip as well. That is why Japanese people say gItadakimasuh which expresses gratitude, prior to eating their meals. The literal translation for gItadakimasuh is gallow me to receiveh yet, spiritually it means gthank you for allowing me to receive lifeh.
Water is vital for life forms, and both a tulips and human beings share this necessity.
And sunlight for tulips is the love for human beings.
But what would happen to the tulip if you cut its stalks or sprouts? You would not witness the tulip in its complete form.
The same thing applies to human beings. If humans were treated in such a manner, we wouldnft be able to achieve the complete form. He/she would grow opposite from being the one and only self in the world, and may even result in mental illness.
One of the biggest reasons for distorting proper growth is the inclination of materialism that focuses on visible facts, and the excessive emphasis on science and logic.
It is said that only 5% of the universe is understood and the remaining 95% is unknown. If so, we need to have reverence for the unknown 95% which is far beyond our understanding, and perhaps will remains unsolved forever.
From that perspective, the field of modern science tries to understand matters with logic coming from the limited knowledge of 5%, and should be more humble. Reverence towards the unsolved, 95% of the universe is the password to unconsciously receiving invisible energy and messages.
gUnconsciousnessh is the source of your own actions, however, the current education and social system excessively emphasizes theories, and neglects the idea of a whole body. Thus, sensitivity of the body becomes dull, making it almost impossible to receive those unconscious messages.
What receives the invisible energy from the 95% of the unknown world that cannot be felt is the body consisting of 60 trillion cells. These cells become the antenna that receives energy. This very fact can be validated through the practiced example of gKih which enables what seems impossible to be possible in an instant.
Often people wish or train to be in a practiced example of the possible, however, it cannot be achieved due to the partiality of the body. Possibility only emerges from a unified body. This is because the complete form maintains balance as a life form.
Also, the strongest power source of human messages is within the existence of the invisible gKih. There are many Japanese expressions from early times that contain the word Ki, such as gKiryoku (Spiritual drive)h, gKiai (Will power)h, gGenki (Feeling good)h, gKibun (Feeling)h, gKi ga kiku (Being attentive)h, gKigakari (Being worried)h, gKi ni iranai (Not liking it)h, gKi ga au (To get along)h, gKi ga susumanai (Not feeling too much into it)h, gKi ga hikeru (Feeling reluctant)h, gKi ga okenai (Easy to get on with)h, gKi ga ki de nai (Being very anxious)hc The fact that there are so many words and expressions using Ki in Japan is the proof that Japanese peoplefs life style was in a close relationship with Ki. This also proves the existence of gKih itself.
Just as catfish can predict earthquakes, I think human beings in ancient times had the ability to predict events.
The energy source of the complete life form of human beings as a product of the universe is Ki. I believe that bringing back the energy of Ki revives our confidence and pride, and helps to overcome existing challenges.